Vivid Candi COO Spoke at Women in ICT Network to Celebrate International Women in Engineering Day

On Monday, June 27th, our Chief Operation Officer – Anita Hoffman spoke at the Women In ICT Network (Women in Information and Communication Technology Network) to over 100 university STEM students in Mexico in honor of the celebration of International Women in Engineering Day.

During her presentation, Anita Hoffman covered a variety of women empowerment topics in Spanish including how women can utilize 4 agreements analysis to feel confident in a male-dominated STEM field.

She went on to also explain “HEVAA” – a holistic acronym that she came up with as a foundation and methodology. “HEVAA” includes a 5-pillar thesis that helps women in tech self-assess and feel equally capable as men in tech, despite the gender stereotypes presented by certain societal circumstances.

H = Humanity. This represents how you want to show up and make a difference in the world.

E = Education. Equip yourself to learn and develop skills on a global level to prepare for opportunities, especially in a world where remote working is becoming normal for the STEM field.

V = Vision. How to envision yourself down the line so you can take the steps toward achieving your highest value.

A = Achievement. How to celebrate small wins and milestones despite society’s lack of recognition for the success achieved by women.

A = Accelerate. Be an agent of change, to advance yourself, your team and your organization. Expand your perspective to view endless opportunities globally and locally that align with your vision and purpose.

Anita Hoffman and Vivid Candi believe in the celebration of women in technology and recognize women as a strong force in steering modern digital marketing and technology on a global level.

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