10 Tips For Finding a Web Designer

Finding a good web designer isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here’s some good tips from Vivid Candi — one of the top digital agencies in Los Angeles.

  1. Make sure they use Wordpress for the CMS platform! Anything else sucks! Wordpress is on 40 million + sites, free and growing. It’s not going anywhere.
  2. Make sure they work inhouse and don’t outsource work.
  3. Make sure they have top notch project management. This way nothing falls through the cracks! At Vivid Candi, we use google doc spreadsheets to project manage each website.
  4. Make sure the project won’t take longer than 3 months. Any normal website should be able to be completed in 1-3 months.
  5. Make sure they have a great personality! You’re gonna be working with them all the time, so it’s important you mesh— plus that will help you get some hook-ups along the way =).
  6. Make sure they’ve been in building websites for 10 years or more! Always good to have a seasoned expert!
  7. Make sure they’re on top of upcoming web technologies (i.e. google tv).
  8. Don’t hire someone just because they’re cheaper! Quality is key– not quantity.
  9. Contact the owners of several sites in the web designers portfolio — make sure they have good things to say about the web designer!
  10. Don’t use anyone else but us, Vivid Candi – hehe… see our main website at www.vividcandi.com.