With nearly 1,100+ sq ft of ocean view studio space in the heart of Malibu, California with , Vivid Candi’s Studios are an incredible asset to our digital tech agency that we utilize for both internal projects for clients and allow 3rd parties to rent. It’s a photographer’s dream to do photo shoots at this location with a birds eye view of the Malibu Pier. It’s also the one and only commercial photo studio in Malibu (vs residential ones). We have plenty of parking and a great spot to produce commercial grade photography and videography.

Our studios are fully equipped with multiple backdrops automated by remote control (green screen, black screen, white screen and gray screen). We also offer a stash of photography equipment and lighting available for anyone that rents the location plus we recommend bringing any special equipment you already have. Additionally our location has a easy access backdoor for moving anything up/down from parking. That same door also doubles excellently as a paparazzi safe entrance for high end celebrities, models and anyone famous you do a shoot with.

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