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Full Service A-Z Marketing with Deep Movie, Film & Celebrity Expertise and Passion.

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Full Service Entertainment Marketing & PR Campaigns

  • Leverage Vivid Candi’s 25 years of film / movie & celebrity marketing & public relations (PR) experience and proven strategies.
  • Full public relations (PR) services including finding newsworthy stories & events, writing press releases and media advisories, targeted press distribution, press monitoring & reporting.
  • Multi-Channel integrated film / movie & celebrity marketing through organic social media, paid social media, pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), print advertising, television advertising, radio advertising and more.
  • Rapidly grow your customer base through our proven film / movie & celebrity email marketing strategies including customer journey emails, birthday emails, loyalty programs and more.
  • Collaborative marketing with other brands and local organizations to maximize your film / movie & celebrity sales.
  • Promotional events and marketing to make a splash in your community including grand openings, special events, holidays, pairing events and more. We have the team to make everything you need possible and deliver an amazing promotional event for your restaurant.
  • We work closely and become a team with film / movie & celebrity clients to give a full court press effort. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
  • Curate and deliver a continual flow of influencers for your films / movies or to promote a celebrity working with multiple verticals such as film, television, reality tv, foodies, lifestyle, fashion and more.


Go Viral with Influencer Driven Brand Awareness for Your Film / Movie or as a Celebrity

  • We create over 150-300+ influencer collaborations per month nationwide and can send influencers to your film / movie events. We’ve had great success with sending influencers to film festivals to generate a buzz. .
  • We find influencers for films / movies & celebrities for all platforms including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Influencers can exist on any platform and we’ll always be sure to find them when it’s a fit for your restaurant.
  • We work with micro influencers with 5-100k+ followers and macro influencers with 100k-10m+ followers.
  • We are experts at seeking and curating influencers of every category in every part of the country. We vet all new influencers and check their insights.
  • We always measure the impact (aka BUMP) of each influencer post via clear KPI’s (i.e. likes, shares, views, clicks, comments, etc.) and will report back to you with insights and copies of the content and engagement generated.
  • We were one of the first agencies handling influencers when it became a thing back in 2017.
  • Our experience in the influencer space is vast and so is our network of existing influencer relationships that are proven.
  • We manage all influencer situations with a legal agreement that ensures compliance, remedies and clear compensation. We never work with an influencer without a best practice legal agreement signed.
  • We have full time staff dedicated purely to influencer marketing so we can execute with absolute focus and deliver vivid results.
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Custom Web Development on Major Platforms: Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and More

  • 100% custom film / movie & celebrity web development with a proven 3 phase process. We never use templates and we build the site from the brand up with a detailed custom layout process.
  • If we don’t develop your film / movie & celebrity website, we can certainly jump in and help you update, maintain and even overhaul it.
  • Your first impression for film / movie & celebrity website visitors is EVERYTHING. We do everything possible to ensure success with data driven decisions using your Google Analytics data and more.
  • Measuring KPI’s on your restaurant website is key. We’ll ensure we maximize call to action opportunities and measure their KPI’s with conversion pixels, Google Analytics and more.
  • We can increase your online reservations and orders while also growing your email database.
  • We develop with mobile first as 90% or more film / movie & celebrity website visitors are likely to be mobile. We also optimize for a seamless experience on mobile and tablet.
    Highlight what makes your restaurant unique! Show off your amazing food and location with great photography and videography (which we can help you with too!). WOW CUSTOMERS!


We Help Films / Movies & Celebrities Generate Professional Content

  • Showcase your film or movie with on set and off set photography and UGC (user generated content).
  • Behind the Scenes photography / videography / UGC (user generated content).
  • Cast and/or Celebrity interviews at our own private commercial photo studios in Malibu.
  • Full service photo & video team that can travel to you with professional grade cameras and lighting.
  • Expert creative direction and shot list creation as a part of our proven process.
  • Food & location styling to bring out your full potential.
  • We bring out the best from each approved photo with best in class photo retouching.
  • Video storyboard creation & professional video editing services.
  • Drone videography to capture dazzling images from the sky.


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