Los Angeles Full Service Marketing Agency

  • $5-25k+/mo full service marketing retainers.
  • Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter+
  • Influencer & Co-Op marketing.
  • Content marketing & development.
  • Strategy development & test marketing.
  • 19+ years in business. 7,500+ Clients.
  • Established for nearly 20 years
    Cutting Edge Headquarters in Malibu, CA.
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  • We're a Digital Think Tank & Incubator.
    Technology Obsessed Gurus
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  • We're the Dreamers Who Are Now Doing It.
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  • We Have An Amazing Team of Instagrammers, Facebookers, Influencer Agents & More.
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  • Welcome to Full Service Marketing

    Vivid Candi is a cutting edge full service digital agency based in Malibu, California. Full service means we can handle any marketing task from start to finish. Strategy to budget to production to execution. We have in-house resources for graphic design, web design, photography, video & more.

    Custom Marketing Strategy Development

    At Vivid Candi, every client has a unique and custom strategy that we help develop and execute. No client is the same so the first thing we do as your marketing agency is perform 2-4 weeks of test marketing sprints. Test marketing sprints allow us to find the best target audiences and strategies for your brand. Once we find those proven strategies, we will recommend scaling them up 5x, 10x and so on. Our marketing process is a proven process of elimination.

    Keeping Up With Marketing Trends

    At Vivid Candi, our in-house marketing team is on top of their game 24/7. We are the marketers that are obsessed with statistics, trends, new marketing mediums, experiments and more. We're constantly developing new marketing strategies for our clients as time goes on giving each client the best cutting edge marketing campaigns.

  • Passionate Marketing Team

    Our marketing team at Vivid Candi is unique all on it's own. We NEVER HIRE, but always are looking. As a result of our HR strategy we have found some of the most amazing hand picked marketing talent. These are people that dreamed of doing marketing all their lives and worked hard to get here. They did their time. They are experienced and passionate and it shows in our marketing results.

    Full Service Marketing Mix

    We never suggest one marketing channel and that's it. Not even a few. We're constantly adapting our campaigns to the ever changing market for our clients. We provide continual test marketing as a part of our marketing mix. Typically we execute 5-10+ different marketing strategies for clients at a time including Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc'), Influencers, Traditional Print & TV, Viral and more.

    Work with Great People

    The people make the team and the people you work with at our marketing agency will all demonstrate passion for the work and a vivid personality. We truly enjoy our work which is why we won't just work with any brand-- we believe in a win/win and working with only qualified customers so we can achieve fantastic results together.