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Web Design


At Vivid Candi, a nationally recognized digital agency, our team consists of collective, diverse talent. Some Vivid Candi team members have been coding since the young age of 12, while others are more novice, but have a natural talent for what they do. Our team member selection process is highly extensively and selective, as we hire only the best talent in the innovative web design industry. All of our web designers work in-house at our Los Angeles HQ in the United States. We are a digital agency that is passionate about designing the best product when it comes to custom websites. Our custom websites range 7-50k+, depending on the scope of work and functionality requirements, such as e-commerce development. We also offer hybrid custom template based web development services, ranging from 4-10k. This option offers a great, fast, and cost-efficient method for companies to build and launch a website. Talk to us today to discuss which option would be best for your web development project.

We are specialists in custom WordPress web development. Our expert web design team has designed and developed thousands of custom WordPress websites for top national brands, celebrities, local companies, and much more. We have a plethora of experience in e-commerce development and are fully capable to develop custom WordPress e-commerce websites, as well as custom Magento websites and other various website platforms upon request. Though we are experts in web design services, we dedicate ourselves as a FULL-SERVICE DIGITAL AGENCY that can help you with digital advertising, digital marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, web design, app development, photography and even video production.

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Graphic Design


Our in-house graphic design experts are industry leaders who are extremely creative in what they do. Moreover, they absolutely enjoy their work and are always ready to offer friendly service to our customers. Our graphic designers dedicate themselves to helping businesses with any needed graphic design services, including print ad design, logo development, corporate identity development, poster design, billboard design, and much more.

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Vivid Candi is a top-notch digital agency dedicated to working with any company that is looking to create a brand from scratch, to rebrand their company, or to simply refresh their company brand. As a full-stack digital agency, we highly recommend that you begin the branding process by creating and launching a new custom website. From here, we can scale down your web design concept in order to complement it with business cards, stationery, print ads, brochures, ad campaigns, social media campaigns, email blasts, and so much more. Keep in mind that our digital agency is a FULL-SERVICE organization that is capable of branding or rebranding your company from start to finish, without the hassle of your business having to search for numerous vendors for multiple digital services. Simply put, we offer quality, expert work in all digital service areas. With the combined talent that is found in our digital agency’s team of handpicked graphic designers, web designers, digital marketers, programmers and overall entrepreneurs, the branding or rebranding for your company will be developed with input from multiple professional perspectives. We absolutely love branding and fully understand the importance and the excitement that comes along with this process. Contact us today and we’ll help you see VIVID RESULTS for your brand.

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Digital Marketing & Social Media


With over 10 years of experience, Vivid Candi is one of the first digital agencies of its kind and continues to grow as an industry leader. By foreseeing the shift from print to digital, our agency was built on the innovation of digital and social media marketing. We are also experts in custom web design and custom web coding, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click marketing (PPC), programming, and digital marketing. Digital marketing is the focal point behind each project we complete for our clients. Our unique ability to offer a 360 degree approach to digital services, sets us apart from competing digital marketing companies and digital agencies. Let us use our unique variety of experience, our digital design expertise, and web industry leading innovations to benefit your business and boost your company’s digital impression. As a FULL SERVICE DIGITAL AGENCY, we have all the digital marketing resources and solutions available for your business, all in-house.

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App Development


Vivid Candi offers in-house app developers based in the United States with absolutely no part of app development outsourced. Located in Los Angeles, our app developers can fully develop iOS apps for iPhone and iPad, as well as Android apps, for a price range of 10k-50k, depending on the hours required to build the iOS app or Android app. Vivid Candi has the unique advantage of developing most our apps on the Adobe PhoneGap platform, which allows us to develop on 2 or more platforms simultaneously, with main source code. This app development platform can save clients anywhere from 10k-30k+ on an app development project and can help to expedite their custom app production timeline to 2-5 months for completion, versus 6-12 months for completion.

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Vivid Candi offers in-house video production at our Los Angeles HQ. We have over a decade of experience with video shoots, video production, video editing, DVD development, viral video development and production, television commercial production and much more. We even offer services by our in-house 3D video experts. In addition, video integration on websites and video footage on website landing pages is a market leading trend that our team has successfully completed in the past and is fully capable to build into any custom website design. This is an innovative way that is proven to keep visitors on your site and ultimately lower your site’s bounce rate.

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