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Vivid Candi is a 360 full service streamlined advertising & marketing agency with nearly 30 creatives with offices in Malibu, California just 20 minutes away from Los Angeles.

Your brand is the most important foundation for everything marketing & advertising. Vivid Candi can either utilize provided brand guidelines, refresh guidelines or help you develop brand guidelines if you don’t have them. Brand guidelines are a requirement for us to launch any successful marketing & advertising campaign to ensure brand continuity, determine on brand and off brand words and imagery, streamline marketing communications and ultimately move the needle in a collaborative effort.

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Vivid Candi believes in a well diversified marketing strategy across multiple marketing channels. A common misconception is that one channel or another is all you need. We know that the most successful campaigns have the most agile mentality and will pivot using multiple marketing channels that all work together to drive brand awareness and create a synergistic effect which ultimately drives strong marketing KPI’s for success. We’ll consult with your team and tailor a custom diversified marketing strategy set for success which will continually be updated during your marketing retainer with us. 

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Vivid Candi is a 360 advertising & marketing agency that can help you with all media buying in your marketing strategy. We’ll help you identify key demographics, customer personas, campaign goals and determine where to reach your audience best with your media buys. We’ll keep a close eye on all media buys and optimize in real-time.

Vivid Candi is ready and tailored to help you produce any advertising & marketing materials you need. In house we have graphic designers, web designers, video editors, photographers, videographers and more. Creativity is at the heart of our agency and we streamline it in every way working with only the best creatives in the industry.

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Vivid Candi is truly 360 in it’s full services including Public Relations (PR). No need to hire an outside firm for PR anymore when you work with Vivid Candi. Our agency has our own inhouse PR specialists and a full support team that is fully capable of finding a newsworthy story for your brand, write press releases and media advisories, perform targeted press distribution, monitor media mentions and report KPI’s. Not only can we do PR, but you can be assured it’s on brand and streamlined with every aspect of your advertising & marketing handled by our agency.

Social media is an important part of any marketing strategy and Vivid Candi has a full service team of social media managers, social media specialists, influencer managers and UGC content creators and editors to make sure your brand is on point when it comes to social media. We are experts at creating branded social media content on all social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, X, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Snap Chat and more. Our team has full capabilities to help you execute every aspect of your social media marketing in a 360 way from start to finish to measurable KPI results. 

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Vivid Candi was one of the first agencies in the influencer game back in 2017 when it really began. We now handle anywhere from 100-300+ influencer collaborations per month and it’s one of the top 3 most successful marketing channels for any of our clients. We do influencer marketing as a part of full service marketing campaigns but can also do it as a a la carte service. Contact our agency today to get started with influencer marketing. 

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Vivid Candi was one of the first agencies doing search engine optimization (SEO) when it was born into a new marketing industry in the early 2000’s. We have nearly 25 years experiencing doing SEO with SEO services such as keyword discovery, on-page SEO, technical SEO analysis, off-page SEO, backlinking, SEO blogging & content creation, keyword research, historical SEO reviews, Google Maps SEO, Local SEO, KPI tracking and much more.


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Vivid Candi’s founder began coding HTML websites at age 12. Since agency inception, website design & development has been one of our greatest strengths. We’ve developed nearly 10 million in successful website projects working with nearly every industry including public companies, celebrities, movies, financial sector, skincare, retail, ecommerce and more. We’re best known for higher end custom coded websites that do not use pre designed themes and templates. Our high level programming capabilities allow us to solve any complex problem and develop custom solutions. Once we complete a website for your company, we have every capability of taking you to market with our incredible marketing team.

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After nearly 25 years in business we’ve had the experience working with nearly every industry you can think of with over 1,600 clients and if we haven’t, we’re fully capable of rising to the challenge. Although it helps to have niche marketing experience and we may have deeper experience in certain industries, there are many marketing strategies and much experience that is universal and being an agency that DREAMS ADVERTISING, we relish the opportunity to expand into other industries.

Our agency has nearly 3 decades of proven demonstration and we understand how important any investment $1-$50 million on advertising your brand is. We have a 360 full service team that can strategize, produce and execute every aspect of your campaign. Our incredibly experienced creatives will work with your team to develop an overall campaign concept (aka the big idea) which will drive the results home on every marketing channel. We’ll keep an agile mentality every step of the way to ensure we deliver the best possible KPI’s and ROI for your brand. Our team will utilize our proven processes to ensure the highest levels of efficiency, organization and execution. We think of advertising as a gift and joy so it’d be our honor to be trusted with your national brand campaign to do what we’re most passionate about. This is why “WE DREAM ADVERTISING”.

With over 150 clients in the restaurant & hospitality space and nearly 25 years experience, our deep expertise in this industry really adds value and streamlines success. We have handled restaurants & hotels of all sizes from single location to multi-location and from boutique to corporate. We thrive in this industry with our proven strategies. We aren’t making guesses with your budget, we’re making educated decisions based on previous experience and demonstration. That is a big difference when working with our agency vs many others. Many times we work in tandem with restaurant & hotel consultants and our mutual clients and we love to collaborate with them and deliver results as a team.

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Adventure is at our heart and we love to market it. We have run some of the most successful tourism campaigns for cities like Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Lake Arrowhead and more. Selling a city as a destination is an absolute joy for us, plus we have deep experience doing it and delivering strong KPI’s in boosting retail sales, boosting hotel stays, website traffic, follower growth and more. We also have some of the best creative talent to help take brand new photography, videography and UGC content to capture every amazing aspect of your city for tourism marketing. For travel marketing we’re just as passionate and it’s so similar yet unique from tourism marketing. Whether it’s air, sky, group adventures or anything else for travel– we’ll help you identify your target demographic personas and launch a full service 360 diversified campaign.  

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New trends, “it” brands and staying ahead of the competition is the game and in our wheelhouse. We are excellent at creating branded fashion videos, diversified marketing campaigns, social media, outdoor media, PR and more focused on the fashion industry. We can even help you create a brand or refresh your existing brand. 

Being headquartered in Malibu, the entertainment sector has been a natural fit for us allowing us to work with countless films, movies & celebrities. For films & movies, we know how to build hype using a diversified marketing & PR strategy so we can push your numbers to their maximum potential and even get distribution (if you don’t already have it). Our in-house PR specialist is a key part of your success and working with us will save you the added cost of a PR agency but with the benefit of greatly streamlining things. For celebrities, we can help you take your name brand to new levels including social media campaigns and management, websites and digital ecommerce stores and everything else you need to capitalize on your opportunities.

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We have handled marketing & website development for small and large financial brands including Montgomery & Co, B Riley & Co, Blackline and many others. From accounting to financial advisors to private equity and venture capital, we have much experience in this space combined with proven strategy to deliver amazing work to level up your company. 

Automotive marketing is certainly one of our specialties and requires an agency that has done it before. Whether you’re a dealership that needs a local and diversified market campaign with co-op marketing compliance or a national car brand that needs to launch a campaign in the millions, our 360 full service team has every capability to deliver the results you require. We’ve worked with brands such as Volvo, Maserati and Mini Cooper. 

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We love real estate advertising & marketing and have had decades of experience working with realtors, real estate investment firms, shopping centers, malls and more. Vivid Candi can help take your real estate marketing from start to finish with our 360 suite of services.

The world of Ecommerce has explosive growth and huge opportunities. Vivid Candi will help you create a diversified marketing campaign that will continue to grow your sales. As experts in this field, we advise new Ecommerce brands should budget 30-50% of their first year sales projections for marketing and existing Ecommerce brands should budget 15-30% of their annual revenue for marketing. With realistic budgets and clear expectations we can help your Ecommerce brand accelerate growth.

Starting a new brand is so exciting and such a joy for us as marketers. With Vivid Candi’s 360 advertising & marketing service we can begin by building your new brand logo, corporate identity and brand guidelines so you have a solid foundation to begin with. Once branding is complete, we can develop a strategy marketing plan to take your new startup to market and we can help you design all the advertising to nail your marketing message with the most opportunity for positive impact and success. We’re worked with countless startups and love being a part of the ground floor each time.

Every CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) needs a strong AOR (agency of record) with an experienced team of marketing specialists and creatives. Vivid Candi has long standing relationships with CMO’s and has always delivered. We are highly organized working in the cloud, extremely communicative with regular zoom and in person meetings and highly streamlined using our hybrid pod agency structure. We love to build amazing win/win relationships that make CMO’s look like gold to their team. 

Being a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) isn’t easy and it’s highly demanding. We understand this and we are here to take weight off your shoulders and deliver streamlined results. We respect your time and will join every meeting with an agenda that will maximize our time with you. We want to deliver for you so you deliver to your Board of Directors and any other stakeholders. 

All stakeholders are key to our agency to ensure you value us and experience an ROI. We work with owners, founders, COO’s, CFO’s and executives of all types. 



It all began with a Taco Bell paycheck, Melrose Place and unstoppable drive coming from nothing and making everything on our own. 24 years later, founder Chris Wizner is thrilled to be surrounded by nearly 30 like-minded, positive and exhuberant creatives that love advertising.



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