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Vivid Candi, a 360 Full Service Branding Agency

Building a brand, re-branding or launching a new product brand is just about the most exciting and impactful thing a business can do. It’s taking your thoughts into reality with a tangible set of brand guidelines, a branded logo, brand elements and more. This is your foundation for everything.

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Logo Development

Branding Design

Brand Guidelines

Brand Differentiation

Brand Personas

Brand Blueprint

Branded Photography & Videography

Merger & Acquisition Branding

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Convert ideas into tangible brand guidelines & brand identity

  • We get to know you, your team and your vision. We will translate all that into tangible brand guidelines through in person or zoom branding consultations. 
  • At the core of everything is your BRAND ESSENCE. This is what you know internally about your brand but externally use marketing to describe in every other way possible. For example, Starbucks brand essence is “The Third Room” since they want customers to go home, go to the office and go to Starbucks. They never use this in ads but it’s extremely powerful for them to know internally. 
  • We’ll work on your BRAND MISSION AND PURPOSE. We’ll ask questions about your WHY, your HOW, your WHAT. 
  • Your BRAND VISION is your utopia once you accomplish your BRAND MISSION. Dreaming about this can become planning and planning can become execution and that becomes reality. 
  • What are the CORE VALUES of your brand? This could be quality, your roots, personal traits of you and your team and more. Let us guide you through defining these core values for your brand.
  • We help you develop a BRAND VOICE and define what is and isn’t in that voice. This is extremely helpful in all copy written about your brand, ads and more. 
  • What is the EMOTIONAL BENEFIT of your brand to end users and customers? We’ll help you touch on this sensitive yet important part of your brand. 
  • Where is your brand strongest? What are the CORE COMPETENCIES of your brand? Is it speed? Is it price? Is it quality? Process? We’ll help you identify what sets you apart from the rest. 
  • What KEY ATTRIBUTES does your brand have? What physical traits do you possess that can help you communicate in your brand? 
  • Knowing what is ON BRAND or OFF BRAND for copy writing is a staple of a good brand. 
  • Visually knowing what is ON BRAND AND OFF BRAND is fundamental for all your marketing from social media to websites to ads of any kind. We help you develop a mood board for both ON and OFF BRAND photos. Sometimes OFF BRAND photos help the most since you and your team will be sure to never use them quicker than ever before. 
  • BRAND IDENTITY AND BRAND ELEMENTS are a must. We help you select the right fonts, how to use them and right colors. We can help you design and develop your logo and the different uses for it. 
  • BRAND PERSONAS are key to know for success. These are the top personas that fit your brand that you wish to market to. Knowing this allows you to focus a laser on your bread and butter for the business.


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