Vivid Candi Case Study

Ame Living

We launched Ame as a trusted lifestyle platform and created it’s entire presence through online channels.

ÂMÉ is a trusted primary source for all things beauty, wellness, luxury, fashion, lifestyle & spirituality, which celebrates diversity and helps women look and feel their best from the inside out. ÂMÉ’s distinctive platform provides its trusting community with enriching articles, the opportunity to purchase ÂMÉ-approved products, and a platform for interactive and educational discussion among ÂMÉ’s diverse and experienced female base. Vivid Candi designed and launched Ame from designing the vision to implementing it.


Key Highlights

Increased Instagram followers by 6k

How we did it: Instagram boosted posts, IG Reels, cohesive follower growth strategy, influencer marketing, and correlated IG posts with educational content being published on the website.

1200% increase in organic traffic

How we did it: Optimized their website and every article that was published for search engine optimization (SEO). Including researching proper keywords that would help our SEO strategy

Secured 15+ influencer and industry expert collaborations

How we did it: Researched the best influencers falling into the clean lifestyle niche, handled all communication, and negotiation on our client’s behalf to solidify collaborations that would bring high brand awareness

Published a Press Release

How we did it: Communicated and negotiated with different outlets. Published press release on “The Top 20 Women Disruptors Of 2021.”

Some of the influencers we’ve worked with:

Instagram Grid Highlights

Instagram Highlights

Instagram Reels Produced In-House:

Instagram Stories:

Engaging IG Stories:

Product IG Stories

Instagram Grid Graphics:


Quotes & Infographics:


Services Provided

Social Media Management & Content Creation


Google Ads


Facebook, Instagram Ads

Influencer Collaborations

Email Marketing

Press Release


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