Vivid Candi Case Study

Ame Living

We dived deep into increasing Ame’s brand awareness through vitalizing their online presence & strategizing their digital marketing

ÂMÉ is a trusted primary source for all things beauty, wellness, luxury, fashion & lifestyle, which celebrates diversity and helps women look and feel their best from the inside out. ÂMÉ’s distinctive platform provides its trusting community with enriching articles, the opportunity to purchase ÂMÉ-approved products, and a platform for interactive and educational discussion among ÂMÉ’s diverse and experienced female base. Our agency implemented a strong digitally branded identity through Instagram.


Key Highlights

Increased Instagram followers by 6k

How we did it: Instagram boosted posts, IG Reels, cohesive follower growth strategy, influencer marketing, and created educational and interesting content.

1200% increase in organic traffic

How we did it: Curated SEO keywords for each different article and optimized the website for SEO.

Worked with 13 different influencers

How we did it: Researched the best influencers falling into the clean lifestyle niche, handled all communication, and negotiation on our client’s behalf to solidify collaborations that would bring high brand awareness

Published a Press Release

How we did it: Communicated and negotiated with different outlets. Published press release on the top 20 women disruptors of 2021.

Some of the influencers we’ve worked with:

  • @curve_model – 246k followers
  • @christinebullock – 294k followers
  • @shibyshila – 174k followers
  • @estefaniamoly – 162k followers

Instagram Grid Highlights

Instagram Highlights

Instagram Reels:

Instagram Stories:

Engaging IG Stories:

Product IG Stories

Instagram Grid Graphics:


Quotes & Infographics:


Services Provided

Social Media Management & Content Creation


Google Ads


Facebook, Instagram Ads

Influencer Collaborations

Email Marketing

Press Release


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