Responsive Web Design

responsive web design

It may seem surprising, but today more web traffic comes from mobile devices than desktops or laptops; To be precise, 70-80% of website traffic is mobile on average across industries. With a variety of devices available, from tablets to phones and everything in-between, it is very important that your website is able to work on […]

San Francisco Web Design Company

Hello San Francisco! Are you by any chance on the search for a top notch, national level web design company? If so then you must look no further! Here at Vivid Candi we are nothing short from top notch! Meet one of the top web design companies, with more than 13 years of experience. We […]

San Francisco Web Agency

Hello San Francisco! We are Vivid Candi! We are a passionate web agency, we are a top of the notch national level web agency. We have many offices across the nation, including one in the San Francisco area. Our team of web designers and developers is always looking to help businesses, individuals or organizations succeed with their […]

San Francisco Digital Agency

Hello San Francisco! We are Vivid Candi, a digital agency. Our services include web design, graphic design, branding,  video production, app development, digital marketing, and social media managing. What sets us apart from other digital agencies is that we not only put our 100% time, and effort into what we do, but we also love […]

San Francisco Web Designer

Hello there San Francisco! Are you in need of a top notch Web Designer? Lucky for you Vivid Candi offers Professional Web Design Service for businesses, organizations and individuals in the San Francisco area. Quality web design services. We will create a professional website for you that will grow with your business. We offer a full range of […]

San Fransisco Website Builder

Vivid Candi is a digital agency that specializes in custom website design and maintenance. If you live in San Fransisco and are thinking about building a website, check out and see the websites that we have built for companies up and down the west coast.