Vivid Candi Case Study

Orbit Homes

How we increased leads by 800% and sold out this 6-figure housing product in 3 months.

Orbit Homes is a California-based manufactured housing company that offers contemporary, high-end factory-built homes priced at $265k-$625k+. This family-owned housing company aims to provide designer-style modern factory homes as economic alternatives to traditional homes to help homeowners combat inflated home prices. Despite having such a revolutionary product, Orbit Homes relied on word-of-mouth marketing and the news press to get customers. They quickly found themselves facing a saturated market in the local community and need to expand their market quickly. Vivid Candi helped Orbit Homes identify the best digital marketing strategies across multiple channels. Within 6 months, we grew lead generation by a record-breaking increase of over 800% for the 6-figure housing products and even helped Orbit Homes discover a new market to create their new product line.

Marketing KPI Highlights

Social Media Growth Facebook

  • 175% page like increase in a quarter
  • 52% page reach increase in a quarter

How we did it: We utilized paid Facebook retargeting campaigns that target past video viewers, social profile visitors and website visitors of past 60 days to re-engage with audiences who already took interest in Orbit Homes.

Social Media Growth – Instagram

  • 131% account reach increase in a quarter
  • 70% increase in user engagement in a quarter
  • 69% Instagram follower increase in a quarter
  • 28% increase in followers in a quarter

How we did it: We created algorithm-friendly, visually pleasing Instagram posts with emotionally on-point copywriting. Each post contains researched hashtags that target users who are interested in housing products in the same sector. The organic content is also paired with Instagram paid ads to consistently bring high-quality traffic to the profile.

Instagram Grid Before & After


Automated Email Marketing Drip

Services Provided

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Real Estate Forum Native Ads 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Affiliate Partnership Coordination

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