If you’re looking to develop a web app, you’ve landing on the right website! We are a team of all in-house web app developers. Many of our web app developers at our Los Angeles based HQ are full stack developers that can design an amazing user interface and code the functionality to bring it to life. Web Apps are not so much the traditional IOS/Android app that you are used to. A classic example of a web app is Google Docs which allows you to run a a spreadsheet application direct from your browser without downloading anything. Another famous web app is basecamp.com or even airbnb.com. All of these web apps have a unique functionality and modern UI. Web apps can be developed many ways, but the best practice for the industry is developing web apps on Ruby on Rails. We have a team of Ruby on Rails experts at our Los Angeles digital agency that can help you develop a Ruby on Rails web app. Ruby on Rails web apps are a completely different beast then a typical website normally developed on a CMS such as Wordpress. Ruby on Rails web app development is more focused on functionality and typically any updates a client needs has to be done by an expert web app developer. A Ruby on Rails web app project can take a typical timeline of 4-6+ months depending on the complexity of the scope of work.

Talk to Vivid Candi today about your Ruby on Rails web app development project. We can be your local Los Angeles Ruby on Rails web app developer and you can even meet with our developers in person. Contact us today on our website or call 310.456.1784.