Hello Seattle! Are you looking for someone that is truly passionate and talented in graphic design?

Do you need someone that knows:

  • Print ad design
  • Logo development
  • Corporate identity
  • Poster designs
  • Billboard designs

Or any other graphic design related jobs? If so, you have come to the right place! Here at Vivid Candi our in house graphic designers are nothing short of top notch! They are all creative and very friendly, using the latest programs make art. We have worked with many different companies, each fully satisfied with our work.  We can help any business with any graphic design services needed including print ad design, logo development / corporate identity, poster design, corporate identity, billboard design and more. We will help your business by making it more appealing to the customer. Therefore often leading to gaining another customer. You can count on us on meeting any requirements needed for the graphic design you are asking for.  We have a team of amazing, fun to work with graphic designers that can create any graphic design you can think of. One of our specialties is our surreal super imposements. These are graphics that trick your eye into thinking some thing impossible is possible. At Vivid Candi, we have a ton of fun creating some of the best and most creative graphic designs. What sets us apart from other agencies, is not only that we are so good at what we do, and yet very consistent at our work, and not only because we take practice in our work. What sets us apart is that we truly love doing what we do.