Vivid Candi Case Study

The Sunset Restaurant

We created an aspirational online presence for The Sunset Restaurant.

The Sunset Restaurant is a modern American beachfront restaurant located in the heart of Malibu. The restaurant is famous for its 365 days of oceanview sunsets. Prior to 2018, The Sunset restaurant had almost no social media presence. The website wasn’t user-friendly, didn’t express the restaurant’s appeal, and definitely wasn’t working in their favor. Our agency implemented a cohesive, full-service strategy that would create a strong digitally branded identity and make The Sunset Restaurant a destination for people all over the world.


Restaurant Marketing

The Sunset Restaurant’s Marketing Strategy Case


Key Highlights

Grew Instagram page from 800 followers to 11k+

How we did it: Maintained a consistent follower growth strategy & posting schedule. Had LA local influencers coming in every month, high-quality & user-generated content, boosted IG posts, and utilized Instagram’s new features.

Built a 7k email database

How we did it: We have customers fill out a form once they visit the restaurant

Grew website traffic by ~`2.7k users per month

We had 18k users in the first 3 months, and then 26k users in the same 3 months 4 years later.

Improved user’s website experience tremendously

We reduced the bounce rate from 67% to 30% and increased the average session duration to 5+ minutes

Increased Wedding Leads by 400%

How we did it: Helped client overhaul their sales process to be on an online CRM, and created a seamless user experience on their website to streamline wedding bookings on their custom website that we designed and developed

Rebranded with high-quality videography and photography

How we did it: Created a cohesive brand style guide and based our photography and videography on that guide. Monthly photoshoots of their food, customers, and ambiance to create a consistent library of high-quality content and expand The Sunset’s brand identity through their different social channels

Got them voted #1 Outdoor Dining Restaurant in Los Angeles by YelpLA

How we did it: All of our marketing work cumulated to have The Sunset Restaurant featured as the #1 Outdoor Dining Restaurant in Los Angeles by YelpLA

Social Media Stats:

  • Mix of micro and macro influencers to promote The Sunset Restaurant, different events and promotions
  • TikTok Viral Video with over 100k views
  • 11k+ organic views on two of our Instagram Reels
  • Established brand collaborations with Bentley Motors, Dos Perros Mezcal, and more

Influencer Reels:


Instagram Grid Highlights

Before Working With VIvid Candi
After Working With Vivid Candi
Before Working With Vivid Candi
After Working With Vivid Candi

Photography Highlights

Services Provided

Social Media Management

Photography & Videography

Content & On-Page SEO

Google PPC

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Influencer Collaborations

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Custom Website Design & Development UX/UI

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