Vivid Candi Case Study

Volvo Santa Monica

We dived deep into increasing Volvo Santa Monica’s sales through vitalizing their online presence & strategizing their digital marketing

Volvo Cars Santa Monica is a Volvo dealership based in Santa Monica. Our agency implemented a cohesive, full-service strategy that would create a strong digitally branded identity and help increase their sales. Volvo’s top dealership in the country was decreasing in sales as their marketing hadn’t modernized much beyond traditional print, radio & tv. As a result, they were losing their connection to their prime demographic, pregnant women and new moms, which made up 2/3 of their auto sales.


Key Highlights

Sales increased 200% to 400% more than previous all-time highs

How we did it: Created a cohesive digital marketing strategy

Made rare permanent brand awareness jump and saw website traffic DOUBLE and not drop back down again after

How we did it:

Worked with 10+ influencers that shared about Volvo Santa Monica

How we did it: Researched the best influencers to partner with, communicated, and negotiated with them on behalf of our client

Secured collaborations with 2 other brands

Secured collaborations with 10 to 12 Baby Lounge and Paradise Cove

Website Statistics For One Month:

  • 35 price inquiries
  • 108 contact form submissions
  • 65 phone calls
  • 5 scheduled test drives
  • 15 request more info
  • 230+ total leads

Some of our influencer & brand collaborations:

Photography Highlights

Videography Highlights

Viral video that went to 50k+ moms in a matter of days in LA only. Now at 70k+ views.

Services Provided

Influencer Collaborations

Photography & Videography

Facebook, Instagram Ads

Social Media Management


Brand Collaborations



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