Website Cost

Everyone always asks what does a website cost. Well the truth is no two website design projects are alike. Each is custom from start to finish so it’s not like we’re selling the same cup over and over. Depending on what website functionality you require, a website from a good web design agency like us (Vivid Candi) should cost anywhere from 5-20k+. If you’re working with freelancers, beware, but that should cost $500-5000— only difference is things tend to fall through the cracks with freelancers vs professional website design agencies like Vivid Candi. If you’re a business, the cost of a website is worth it to work with a website design agency vs. a freelancer. If you’re an individual or have little funds, a freelancer may save you some money on website costs but beware of who you hire. There’s nothings for sure with that.

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