Vivid Candi now offers clients developing websites the option to finance their website over 6 to 12 months of payments. Our digital agency understands that for some small businesses it’s hard to finance 5-10k or more for a website upfront so we’ve developed the option for our clients to still get a website up fast, but break up the payments into either a 6 or 12 month payment plan.

Here’s how our website financing plans work…

  • 15% surcharge added to total website cost for a 6 month website financing plan.
  • 25% surcharge added to total website cost for a 12 month website financing plan.
  • Only websites over $3,000 may be financed.
  • Anyone financing a website must have our agency host the website. Clients on financing plans will not have full FTP access until the website has been paid in full. Hosting fee’s can be built into the financing plan.
  • If a client does not pay their monthly payment, they will have a 3 day grace period. Once that period expires, their website will go offline until payment is received.
  • Vivid Candi reserves the right to refuse financing to any client. All financing requests will be reviewed and approved directly by the CEO of Vivid Candi, Inc.

If you’re interested in financing a website with our digital agency, fill out this form to inquire online.