What is Web 2.0? and what will web 3.0 be like?

web 2.0Web 2.0 first emerged around 2007 and on. By our definition at Vivid Candi, a top Los Angeles digital agency, web 2.0 websites are websites that utilize dynamic SQL driven backends such as Wordpress combined with amazing frontend presentation utilizing interactive jquery (aka superior to flash), ajax, social media and php programming. For example, visit our homepage by clicking home on the navigation– notice our homepage doesn’t appear to have much content. While surprise surprise, it does– look for the little plus button above the 3 promotional graphics and click it– it will reveal dynamically driven Wordpress content that is extremely SEO friendly. This give us better presentation while never loosing the important of SEO. Web 2.0 is amazing… Web 1.0 was simply static web pages that would get dated in weeks or months post launch vs. web 2.0 sites that functional almost like a custom business app.

Check out the following great web 2.0 websites designed by our agency Vivid Candi

Notice jquery slideshows, jquery sorting, jquery tooltips, ajax search functionalities & more.

Notice jquery slideshows, ajax searches, twitter feeds & more.

Web 3.0 is next and it’s coming faster than you think.  It’s going to literally be like having a personal assistant— voice recognition and image recognition will power the digital frontier. We’re exciting to see how web technology advances in the next few years— it’s literally growing at a rate of 10 years every year as of the last few years. Vivid Candi is proud to be a pioneer leading in web 2.0, 3.0 and one day 20.0! Contact us today at 310.456.1784 if you’d like to discuss your web 2.0 or 3.0 project or inquire online.