New Year 2011 Business / Corporate Expansion Idea :: New Website

It’s 2011 and time to think about what you can do to improve your business for the new year. As with many corporations / businesses, now is the time that you have a clean slate in your budget and plan what to spend your corporate budget on. A great idea for the new year is always a new and improve website for your business / corporation. A website is now more important than the physical location of most businesses. Vivid Candi can help you create a website for your business / corporation that functions more like a custom app for your business by leveraging the dynamic power of the Wordpress platform. Vivid Candi uses Wordpress to custom tailor any website for a business or corporation to include features as follows:

  • Easy and user friendly Wordpress content management system (CMS)
  • Clients can control up to 90-95% of their website after we build the initial framework
  • Clients can easily add / edit / delete pages and control their websites’s navigation dynamically
  • Clients can have control over photo and video galleries
  • E-commerce and payment centers can be developed
  • Rotating ads can be created
  • Google Analytics tracking can be enabled and monitored closely

Overall, there’s hundreds and thousands of things we can do to tailor a website for a business or corporation. It’s a wise investment for any business or corporation since technology just continues to grow and more and more people turn to the web to find a product or service you may provide. Contact Vivid Candi today at 310.456.1784 or view our main site.