Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing in Los Angeles

Vivid Candi, Malibu’s top digital agency just 20 minutes south of Los Angeles offers clients an alternative creative way to pay us. It’s called Cost Per Action (CPA) and it’s becoming very popular in marketing since it’s always a win/win because the client only can make money, not loose money and the marketing agency (in this case us) will work it’s hardest to continue creating business for the client since they get paid only when the client receives a desired action. For example, we may charge a client X amount only if we generate a qualified business lead. That amount is agreed on beforehand and so is the desired action (i.e. a phone call, a sale, a web lead, etc.).

If you’re interested in Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing, call our office at 310.456.1784 and we’d love to setup a meeting at our Malibu office in the Los Angeles area. We reserve the right to qualify clients suitable for this marketing service.