Custom Responsive HTML Web Designer

Starting in 2012, a new breed of amazing web technology took over called “RESPONSIVE HTML” and killed the concept of separate mobile sites or even just mobile friendly sites. It’s superior technology because web developers like us literally code 3x the templates since we develop a full resolution/pc version, tablet/medium resolution version and iphone/low mobile resolution version. What’s amazing is the technology just like the name, INSTANTLY RESPONDS to changes in resolution and perfects the experience for the user. For example, an iphone size screen might remove your sidebar and instantly change the menu to an easier jump menu. You can see this in action at a website we built recently— check out Try resizing your browser and you’ll see the responsive html technology change the layout right in front of your eyes. Responsive HTML is a great technology solving a problem of growing mobile and tablet users. Our digital agency can develop custom Responsive HTML websites ranging from 8-25k+. Contact us today for a custom quote.