New Year’s RESOLUTION: Responsive Web Design

A new year, another new resolution… and another, and another, and another. You may think that I am referring to the typical new years resolutions that we make every year to dramatically change our lives for the better. Well, that’s partially my intent, but we also get new devices every year with new screen resolutions. […]

Don’t forget about mobile website design.

The vast majority of us are view the web on our cell phones. When we are on the go we utilize our phones to look up information that we need and to check our social media profiles to stay in the know. Website are forced to not only have a website but mobile sites as well. […]

Custom Responsive HTML Web Designer

Vivid Candi utilizes the latest modern Responsive HTML technology to deliver perfected user experiences to mobile, tablet and PC users that instantly responds. Sites range 8-25k+ to develop.