The best way to expand you’re business reach without having to buy multiple properties around the world, or country (depending on you’re business category) is by getting yourself an E-Commerce website. Now there are millions of agencies out there that say they will design you the best E-Commerce website, but the truth is, just a  few actually got what it takes to make a game-changing fully interactive E-Commerce Website.

               Take a look at us for instance. We are Vivid Candi, a full service digital agency located in beautiful sunny side Malibu California. Our main focus is on Web Development, and Graphic design, plus we have worked with many businesses that required an E-Commerce website to expand they’re business, and each one of them left our agency 100% satisfied! The reason that this happened was because we took the extra time and effort to design, and perfect each individual product page, and make the site easy to navigate through, because if a consumer is going through you’re website and he or she is having trouble going from page to page, whether the pages aren’t optimized, or the website load speed is slow, the consumer is most likely going to get stressed out and leave the website. And this is something that you don’t want as a business owner, and it can be avoided, and will be avoided when working with us, and the way that we do this is we fully optimize each page from the beginning, and make sure everything is at the appropriate size so the web speed isn’t slow. And the best part is this kills two birds in one stone! It will help you with you’re future clients, and search engines will consider you’re site a reliable source therefore you’re page domain authority will go up, meaning that when people look up a product that you are selling on a search engine, you’re product page will pop up at the top of search engine results! And this is spectacular when trying to expand you’re business! We make sure that all product pages compliment the product you are trying to sell that way the page is more convincing to the person to buy you’re product!

Our e-commerce web design company knows exactly how to handle each individual client, because we have gained so much experience in the time we have been around. Our agency was funded in 2001 by 16 year old Chris Wizner, where he climbed himself to the top developing websites from scratch. What separates us from other web design companies is that we love what we do, therefore make this as fun as possible yet deliver Vivid Results!

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