Facebook PPC Marketing in Los Angeles

At Malibu digital agency Vivid Candi, we love Facebook’s Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. To us, it’s the 2010 way of doing direct mailing. This means you can target your perfect customer by using anything in their Facebook profile (i.e. age, geography, where they work, religion, who they’re friends with, things they like, relationship status, sex, etc). Through Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC), you can’t target niche markets nearly as well as you can in Facebook. Another advantage of Facebook’s Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is that you get some amazing exposure through thousands and thousands of impressions (which you don’t have to pay for if your Facebook campaign is in CPC mode instead of CPM). Since Facebook users see many pages (i.e. everytime they click a photo), your Facebook marketing impressions will most likley be much higher than what you might be used to on the Google Adwords PPC system. For example, just in the small city of Malibu where Vivid Candi is— we’re seen 75,000+ times per day by the small population of 13,000 people living in Malibu.

Here’s an example of the targetting screen from the Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) system:

facebook ppc targetting