Paper clip. Pay per click. Paper clip. Pay per click.


So now that I have discovered how to pronounce the two, what exactly is this pay perclick?


Well, let me tell you, pay per click marketing is quite a deal. You pay for every click your receive on a host website. Let’s say you received 500 clicks on your advertisement posted on this website. You pay 10 cents for each click received. BUT, because of this advertisement, you were able to generate 2 interested customers who are interested in designing a new website with you. If we charge $5,000 for a website, we just generated $10,000. You tell me if this is worth it. We only had to pay $50 for the advertisement. Pay-per-click marketing is the direction to go.


However, there is a catch. This is not for everyone. Before you marvel at the wonders it can bring you, you need to see if your company’s sales will bring as much profitability that pay-per-click marketing ensures. If you have a ecommerce website selling clothing and accessories, for example, with products retailed at $15 per item, you will not generate as great of benefits as a higher end ecommerce website. It is very important to evaluate the cost per sale in justifying Google Adwords pay per click. Another great feature is that you can find out which click on a specific keyboard led to a form submission onto your page. This will be used to help make marketing decisions in the future. Our team suggests that you give Google Adwords pay per click a one month trial with a budget of $1000 minimum for the pay per click media. For pay per click marketing, it either works or it doesn’t. You do not need to spend 6 months waiting on the value of an advertisement, but rather in 1 month’s time, you’ll be able to see if Google Adwords pay per click works or it doesn’t.


Our team’s mission is to help clients research their market online and determine the best keywords to help build traffic and help set up Google Adwords pay per click. Don’t believe us? Call us now at 310.456.1784 or fill out an “Inquire Online” form to start speaking to our team here in Los Angeles.


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