Are you looking to hire professional photographers or videographers? Being in Los Angeles, you are in the right place. Los Angeles is the home to Hollywood and the film industry. There are a lot of creative minds in this area, and equipment is really easy to obtain due to the prevalence of rental houses and community-based rental platforms. If you are looking to do a photoshoot or videoshoot, you will need a professional camera operator as well as the necessary equipment.

Why do you need a professional camera operator? There are a lot of things that the professional can bring to the table that laypeople can’t. First and foremost – steady hands. When the camera is off the tripod (also known as handheld), the operator’s arms are an extension of the camera. That means if the person doesn’t have steady hands when operating the camera, you will get shaky or even unusable footage. Especially when the equipment is heavy (a whole professional setup can easily weigh over 10 pounds), holding the camera still for a 30 second plus shot will require some steady hands or big muscles. Other than the weight, a professional cameraman will make sure the exposure, aperture and color settings are correct. To save time in post production, the goal during production is to get everything as close to perfect as possible. That means nailing the exposure of the shot (no underexposed or overexposed pictures!) as well as having the correct white balance (otherwise your picture will turn out yellow or blue, or some other hue). Other than the camera operator himself, sometimes there will be needs for assistants or grips to be around to assist the operator, depending on how big the project is. Having grips and assistants is very useful because they can help set up lights, C-stands, diffusers and camera equipment. That means getting more done in less time!

There are projects where there will be a need for a lot of pre-planning and extra help during production. For example, a photoshoot at a ice cream shop that requires two different settings, one interior in the ice cream shop and an exterior location to get more of a “lifestyle” vibe. To make things go as smooth as possible and save as much time as possible at the shoot, there is going to be a need for some pre-planning including what to shoot first (interior or exterior), the specific equipment required for the different locations (interior with lights? Exterior using natural lighting with some diffusers on C stand?) and how many cameras (maybe one for the interior and one for exterior). Especially with something like ice cream, time is everything because not only does it costs you to hire all these manpower and equipment, ice cream melts!!

What kind of shots are you looking to get? Do they involve models or any props? Do you need someone to record audio? Consider the nature of your project, size and budget. These are all factors that go into a pre-production meeting.

At Vivid Candi, we have professional photographers and videographers for hire. We have a dedicated team that provides the equipment and manpower. Whether you need to create a short promo video, product shots for your website or social media, or special artistic needs such as time-lapse photography or drone photography, Vivid Candi can provide them all! Not only can we assist you in the pre-planning process of coming up with shot lists and directions, we are also fully capable of assisting you throughout the whole process all the way to post production. We have in house professional editors that will make sure to get rid of any imperfections in the shots, and add on any effects or graphics you like. We would like to help your creative vision come to life!

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