Los Angeles Commercial Videography

Video is one of the most effective media in advertising. Videos combine moving pictures and audio together, making an immersive experience for viewers. Video is also very effective in storytelling, because of its ability to cut different angles and dialogues together in a streamlined-fashion. That is why we love to go to the movies and […]

Professional Photographers and Videographers for Hire in Los Angeles

Are you looking to hire professional photographers or videographers? Being in Los Angeles, you are in the right place. Los Angeles is the home to Hollywood and the film industry. There are a lot of creative minds in this area, and equipment is really easy to obtain due to the prevalence of rental houses and […]

The importance of adding videos and images to a website.

Websites are a great tool to use to make the public aware of services offered or to sell products. These aspects by themselves provide your website will plenty of content, however, we also must make sure to add in images and videos to further enhance our websites. Images and videos can be used to catch […]

Custom Video and Photography

VividCandi is a full service digital design company. VividCandi also has a team of highly trained proffessionals who do custom photography and video.

Los Angeles Video Production Company

Video editing services starting at $120/hr including filming, editing in post production and more. Visit our office just 20 minutes north of Los Angeles in Malibu.

Los Angeles Web Designers Vivid Candi Launch Primejet Website

Vivid Candi is happy to announce the launch of www.primejets.com. This is a Flash/HTML website for a top private jet company owned by former Amgen CEO, Gordon Binder. Vivid Candi custom shot photos and videos of the a private jet for Primejet with a crew of 14 people. Everything you see was designed by our […]