The importance of adding videos and images to a website.

140054736Websites are a great tool to use to make the public aware of services offered or to sell products. These aspects by themselves provide your website will plenty of content, however, we also must make sure to add in images and videos to further enhance our websites. Images and videos can be used to catch the visitors eye and further invite a viewer to interact with your website. This interaction could be as simple as clicking on a link to further read an article or pushing the play button on a video. Each will prolong the amount of time a visitor is present on your site, which is good for your business/ website.

When adding images to your website you can choose to place images you have taken yourself or you can use stock images. There are many website that provide stock images. These stock image sites are subscription based, but very reasonably priced.   Such stock image sites include sites like  Using a stock image site is a great alternative if you would like professional images and cannot take them yourself.

Image placement is also important. You should definitely place images on your homepage within paragraph content. Your blog page is also a good place to put images. You can place a thumbnail image for every post you write. This will further call attention to your posts. A general rule of thumb would be to add an image anywhere you have a large amount of text. This way you can make the text look more appealing and exciting.

Adding in videos to your website are also a great way to spark interest in a website. The homepage is always a good place to place a video, preferably somewhere at the top of the page. This way it will be the first thing a visitor sees and will further invite them to view the site. Another great place to place a video might be the about page, testimonials, and the blog page.

Utilizing images and videos can help a site become more successful and more inviting. So don’t forget to add them in when needed.