So in the Know

Vivid Candi custom branded, coded & developed This project included a custom branding, custom programming and functionality built from scratch that doesn’t exist off the shelf anywhere and much more. Website features & functionality: Custom branded design. Wordpress content management system (CMS). Responsive HTML for a seamless experience on Mobile/Tablet devices. Modern Jump menu […]

Two simple ways to speed up your WordPress website

We all would like our websites to load quickly. We want visitors to get the best experience when they visit our website, and no one likes a slow loading website. Slow loading website make you feel like you are back in the days of AOL CDs and dial up Internet. Wouldn’t we all rather leave those […]

Miami Website Design

Are you looking for high end website design? Look no further. Vivid Candi can help meet your Miami website design needs. Our headquarters is located in Malibu, CA, but we work with many clients around the nation. We aim to deliver the most high end marketing solutions for a wide variety of markets ranging from […]

The importance of adding videos and images to a website.

Websites are a great tool to use to make the public aware of services offered or to sell products. These aspects by themselves provide your website will plenty of content, however, we also must make sure to add in images and videos to further enhance our websites. Images and videos can be used to catch […]

Let’s Put On A Show: The Best Wordpress jQuery Slideshow Makers

Are you tired of your boring web page? Is your site lacking photo pizzazz? Are you looking for some pops of life to add to your content? Well, using a jQuery slideshow is one of the best ways to draw users into your site when they arrive! A photo slideshow will help attract your visitors with […]

Don’t forget about mobile website design.

The vast majority of us are view the web on our cell phones. When we are on the go we utilize our phones to look up information that we need and to check our social media profiles to stay in the know. Website are forced to not only have a website but mobile sites as well. […]

What is a website?

So, what is a website? A website is a place on the internet where you can show content. Sometimes, that content comes in the form of a storefront for a companies products or services, or for purposes of providing some type of information. Here are some examples of different types of websites: Blog – Owners […]

Top 5 Things To Do This Summer

The sky is clean, the temperature has risen, and everyone is out and about. The summer is officially here and the days are getting longer. But what is one to do with all of their extra time? Here is Vivid Candi‘s list of top 5 things to do this summer. 5 – One of the […]