Let’s Put On A Show: The Best Wordpress jQuery Slideshow Makers
179298404Are you tired of your boring web page? Is your site lacking photo pizzazz? Are you looking for some pops of life to add to your content? Well, using a jQuery slideshow is one of the best ways to draw users into your site when they arrive! A photo slideshow will help attract your visitors with enticing visuals that you can use to highlight various elements of your site such as, website sections, promotions, and other elements of your site. Now, there are many slideshow maker plugins on the market, but we definitely have some favorites here at Vivid Candi. Here are a couple of our favorite sliders:


Price: $12/$60 (ext. License) | Responsive: Yes | Ease of Use: 5/5

First up is the Royal Slider! This baby has been a favorite for a while! It is useful for just about any site. It allows you to create easy-made jQuery slideshow pieces for your websites. This slideshow maker allows the usage of text, photography, simple transitions, custom skinning, and responsive technology for compatibility with multiple devices. This plugin also allows for swipe gestures on mobile devices. This is definitely a top pick for simplicity and ease of use.


Price: $15/$75 (ext. License) | Responsive: Yes | Ease of Use: 4/5

Secondly, we have one of our newest toys, Layer Slider. This jquery slideshow plugin is pretty fun. It is definitely similar to working with a motion graphics project in Adobe’s After Effects, but without all the interface complexities. Users of this slideshow maker can add HTML text, videos, images, audio, and even dynamic content from posts. This jquery slideshow plugin allows the creator to add custom transitions, animations, and control every detail of a slide while utilizing the cool layering system. AND, this slider is responsive for all of your devices!

If you are looking for looking for a new way to show off your exciting web content, then we definitely recommend going with one of these jquery photo slideshows!