What is a website?

So, what is a website? A website is a place on the internet where you can show content. Sometimes, that content comes in the form of a storefront for a companies products or services, or for purposes of providing some type of information. Here are some examples of different types of websites:

  • Blog – Owners are able to enter in content in their website in the form of a list. Think of  it kind of like a daily journal. Each journal entry appears in the list. The list can be of full journal entries, or just a summary or each entry. For the latter, in order to see the full text of an entry a visitor will need to click that entry. Visitors are the people who go to the website.
  • Informational Site – This type of website has a very broad usage, but, the main point is that it provides information to the visitor, whatever that may be.
  • E-commerce Site – This type of website is for companies who would like to sell their products and services online with an online store front.
  • Mobile Site – This is a up an coming type of site.  For mobile sites, a website is customized to be compatible with a cellular phone web browser.

Now that we answered the question what is a website, lets looks at the relationship a website has with the internet. In order to create a website you must have a place to store the information for your site, and this is called hosting. A host will store the information for your website on what is called a server. The internet calls the information from the server and appears on your computer using a website browser.

Once the information is called into your website, unless it is customized, it will look like plain text on a page. A website will need to be customized in order to look presentable to the public. This is extremely important, because if a website is not presentable to the public, the opportunity for success is lowered. In order for a website to be successful it must have visitors, and one way to boost website visits is by having your website customized.

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