Professional Website Design Pricing

Los Angeles web designer Vivid Candi can price websites either by flat rate or by an hourly rate of $120/hr. Here are some typical website price ranges:

  • Mobile friendly website (requires Wordpres)= $500-2,500
  • 3-5 Page Template Based Wordpress Website= $1,500-$3,500
  • 5 Page Website with Wordpress Programming and touches of Flash= $4,000-5,500
  • 5 Page Ecommerce Website with Wordpress platform and touches of Flash= $5500+
  • 15 page Website with Wordpress Programming and touches of Flash= $10,000+
  • 50+ Page Website with Wordpress Programming= $18,000+

As you can see, website design prices vary due to the scope of work involved. All websites are quoted following an initial consultation with the client. If budget is a concern, the most affordable website design price option we can offer is to create a template based website. Template sites still look very professional and they can save you a lot of money and time to get up faster.

If you need a professional website design, contact Vivid Candi at 310.456.1784 to discuss your project and the price range it may fall into.

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