Why SEO is important for your business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that allows websites to organically rank higher on search platforms such as Google & Bing without paid ads.

You may wonder, why do I want to rank my business website higher on Google…

Well, there are 3.5 billion people searching on Google in the USA every year. Google’s data shows that 70% of those people click on the website that ranks first on Google before checking out the page that ranks in second place. A page that ranks #1 on Google receives 18% of the traffic for the keyword it ranks for, the page that ranks #2 only receives 10% of the keyword traffic.

What’s mind-blowing is, 94% of searchers click on the page that ranks organically, a huge contrast to the roughly 6% who click on Google paid ads.

If you want your target audience to click your website for what they’re searching for then you want to be doing SEO marketing. When a user wants or needs something they type into Google what that is they’re looking for or they search on their phone, and if you pop up that gives them a chance to click you to purchase and receive or reach out to you with what they are wanting and needing. SEO can make sure that your target audience finds your website in the search, by coming up to the top of the search.

Being on the front page and top positions of Google and Bing can give your business massive exposure! In fact, there are many million-dollar companies built with just SEO strategies alone!

For example, the website below ranks first place on Google when someone searches for “Running shoes”.

Why Does Your Business need SEO

This website received approximately 55 thousand new and returning visitors every month… imagine 1% of them convert to paying customers, that’s 550 sales per month just by ranking first place on Google. If their average order value is $100, this website would make 55 thousand dollars of sales per month by FREE traffic.

And the best thing? SEO effort is residual, meaning that it’s an investment that will establish your online presence long-term, helping you get more website visitors every month for FREE!

Once you apply SEO marketing you can reap the rewards long-term by maintaining your rankings on the first page of Google.

You also have the ability to choose what keywords you want to rank for. What we do at our company, Vivid Candi, is to make sure the keywords for SEO are what the user is actually searching for. So the keywords that have a high search volume mean more searches, and more traffic to your website, and therefore can convert to more purchases and increase your company’s sales.

People also trust Google so you come up and Google search. By applying SEO It builds a trust factor to your audience that helps attract them to purchase with you.

SEO isn’t just on Google or Google Maps. All the search engines you can rank for keywords such as Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, and more. This allows more users on a larger network no matter what platform they are searching for.

SEO as a marketing strategy for your business is extremely important and effective. The search engines are not going anywhere. Even when people use voice commands on their phones, those that come up first in the search engines will show. 

If your business is there, you’ll be able to get more traffic to your website. And that traffic is very specific since they search for the keyword that you are ranking for. It then allows you to reap the reward so you don’t have to spend ongoing money with Google ads if you maintain your rankings and SEO. 

The more traffic searching for what you provide, the more chances of converting prospects into paying customers.

If you want to grow your business and sales by SEO, you should work with experts with the most in-depth knowledge so they can give you an effective marketing strategy! Work with our full-service digital marketing agency and let’s chat about your tailored SEO strategy!