Why Social Media Integration?

Vivid Candi is a full service digital agency located in beautiful Malibu, California. We cater to many of the largest companies in Los Angeles as well as around the globe. Vivid Candi’s team are not only masters at programming but also marketing. We are trained in taking a company and bringing it to a whole new level of visibility and recognition. In order to do that, we focus on your company’s ┬ániche and target demographic. Social media integration is the best way to do this as it keeps the large majority of the world’s population connected. We connect almost all the sites we make with some sort of social media such as facebook or twitter. We know which new social medias will become popular before they even go public. We promote your company as if it was our own. We make sure that every possible path to your site is utilized. Facebook integration currently is a huge part of this. Consumers can “share” or “like” pages of your site with their friends. People are much more likely to go with a company that is promoted by someone they know rather than a random spokes person. VividCandi will increase your SEO through social media integration and marketing.