Two simple ways to speed up your WordPress website

We all would like our websites to load quickly. We want visitors to get the best experience when they visit our website, and no one likes a slow loading website. Slow loading website make you feel like you are back in the days of AOL CDs and dial up Internet. Wouldn’t we all rather leave those […]

5 of the best WordPress plugins for a new website

What are WordPress plugins? If you are unfamiliar with WordPress plugins, they are add-ons that will enhance the WordPress platform. For example: something as simple as a tool to add in custom contact forms or an add-on that is more complex like e-commerce.    Here are 5 of the best WordPress plugins for a new […]

How social media marketing via Facebook and Twitter can help your website

It is well known that Facebook and Twitter have become giant social media networks. This has become a plus for the advertising industry. Marketing can easily be infused into these social media networks to help promote a website.  This is done by creating a Facebook and Twitter page for the company looking to promote itself […]

Social Media Integration for WordPress

WordPress offers special plugins that work with Facebook and Twitter. These plugins can help boost Facebook and Twitter social media integration. Here are a few social media plugins offered by WordPress : Facebook Fan Box – This plugin allows for posting of a Facebook fan box Twitter Goodies – This plugin integrates your tweets from […]