Why won’t my Twitter widget work?

Has your Twitter widget stopped working all of the sudden?  Does it give you an error message? This can be very frustrating. If you have tried trouble shooting and still can not get your Twitter widget to function properly, then if might be time to for an upgrade. Widgets, such as Twitter widgets are very valuable. They […]

Why your business website should have a blog page.

Why Blog? Here are two main reasons: (1) blogging gives your business a voice and (2) blogging brings in site traffic. Blogging is a great way to get a buzz going about your business and for visitors to identify and connect with you or your team through content and comments. By blogging, you will help bring more visitors […]

Let’s Put On A Show: The Best WordPress jQuery Slideshow Makers

Are you tired of your boring web page? Is your site lacking photo pizzazz? Are you looking for some pops of life to add to your content? Well, using a jQuery slideshow is one of the best ways to draw users into your site when they arrive! A photo slideshow will help attract your visitors with […]

5 of the best WordPress plugins for a new website

What are WordPress plugins? If you are unfamiliar with WordPress plugins, they are add-ons that will enhance the WordPress platform. For example: something as simple as a tool to add in custom contact forms or an add-on that is more complex like e-commerce.    Here are 5 of the best WordPress plugins for a new […]

Professional Denver Websites

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