Top Creative & Surreal Graphic Designer
surreal graphic design fish lily pad
A surreal graphic design created by Chris Wizner, CEO of top notch Malibu design firm Vivid Candi which was also features in a international Photoshop magazine.

Chris Wizner is the CEO and a top notch graphic designer at Vivid Candi, a digital agency in Malibu just 20 minutes north of Los Angeles. His graphic designs have been featured in many Photoshop magazines over the years. He has been designing since age 16 and has had the company ever since. Now it’s not only Chris, but also a team of really amazing top notch creative graphic designers. Vivid Candi is the perfect design firm for you if you’re looking for designers who can think outside the box and create things that no one has ever dreamed of and have the punch of smart marketing.

Contact Vivid Candi’s graphic designers at 310.456.1784 or view our main website.