Why won’t my Twitter widget work?

163271190Has your Twitter widget stopped working all of the sudden?  Does it give you an error message? This can be very frustrating. If you have tried trouble shooting and still can not get your Twitter widget to function properly, then if might be time to for an upgrade.

Widgets, such as Twitter widgets are very valuable. They are placed on your website to keep your visitors up to date on what is going on with you, your company and so on. If your Twitter widget has stopped working, it might be time for a new widget. For WordPress users, there are many Twitter widgets to choose from. You can search the WordPress website for these plug-ins.

Recently, I have found that many Twitter widgets now call for additional information to function. These can include: Consumer Keys and Secrets and Access Tokens and Secrets. To gain access to this additional information, just mentioned, you must first have a twitter account and then you can create a Twitter application by going to the following url and following the instruction given on the website: https://dev.twitter.com/apps.  Once you have created the Twitter app or application, you will need to copy the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Secret and place them each into your Twitter widget. If you are unsure of which Twitter widget to use, as there are many Twitter widget to choose from, a good Twitter WordPress plug-in to use would be V.J. Catkick’s Twitter widget, which has easy instruction on how to install and set up your Twitter widget.

Once you installed your Twitter widget and set it up you will again have a working Twitter widget that will show your most recent tweets and allow your visitors to easily visit your Twitter page if they so wish to.