Once a business has built its website, and optimized everything, the next step is to build an online presence. There are many ways of doing this, either buy traffic from Google, or you can buy links from other sources which is not really the best thing to do considering that Search Engines are getting smarter and can recognize a back-links that were bought online and will penalize you once you are caught! Another thing you can do, which is the most simply yet effective strategy, is Social Media Marketing!

              Social Media Marketing is basically putting out content from you’re site, wether it be you’re blogs, or directing others to specific pages on you’re website through social media. We would most often create blogs from you’re website in order to have content to promote and put them out on the social media sites you choose to have a page for. For example on Facebook we would usually schedule from 3-5 posts a week, same goes for Twitter, and other social media sites. Google Plus would be on a more regular basis since Google Plus is in direct association with Google, meaning it should affect you’re traffic more then other Social Media Pages. And what all of this does apart from letting people know that you are here, is it builds you’re link popularity which looks really good to search engines, because what that tells them is that you’re website is a reliable source and people can rely on you’re content to bring them what they want depending on the keyword they search for. The way we approach Facebook is in a way that lets users know that there is a person behind all of that content, we try not to use content that gives off a non human impression.

Why do I need Social Media to increase my rankings?

           You need Social Media because it will not only increase the links pointing back to you’re site organically, but it will bring up the click through rates ORGANICALLY! No more wasting endless amounts of money on buying traffic from Google, this way is cheaper, and effective! This method is used by many big businesses and organizations. Just log onto Facebook, Twitter, or any other big Social Media Networks and see how effective Social Media Marketing is! They gather thousands of leads online this way! Be sure to give us a call or contact us online if interested in our services. And also be sure to support us on the following



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