We can design, and develop you’re website, whether it be for you’re business, organization, or you’re own personal website. Whatever you need on it, you can rest assure that we will be able to deliver Vivid Results! 

         We are Vivid Candi, a full service digital agency that has been around since 2001. Through out the time that we have been around we have gained experience by working with many talented individuals, big businesses, and important organizations that needed nothing but the best from us. Working with all of these important people applied allot of pressure towards our agency, but instead of that pressure breaking us, it made us. We overcame this and became the overachieving digital agency that we are today. We know how to use pretty much every platform, from Magento, to Joomla, but our agency mainly prefers to conduct business using Wordpress, for many reasons including that it is has a much simpler interface which is ideal for our customers, since most of the time they have no experience with web design and they prefer a much easier interface so they can adapt to editing content much faster. Of course if you choose to we can manage you’re site for you if you do not want to , or you simply can’t. But that is another topic that we will get into later.

       The routine that we use to develop you’re interactive website is simple, yet complex. Simple because we keep everything organized, and complex because the work behind it isn’t as easy as it may seem. First we start by meeting with the client. There we will get to know each other and pretty much just get comfortable with each other making it easier to conduct business. Then we get down to business and start discussing what you want on the website, and what you don’t want. Then we work on you’re site, meeting all the needs that you had, and resume to work until you are comfortable with the final product. If paying upfront for you’re custom website is not a choice that is within you’re horizon, whether it be because it is too much, or you are in a budget, we offer other website financing options, for example you can pay each month until it all adds up. If paying for you’re custom website point blank just doesn’t work for you then you may find that a simple Template website could be right for you. If you need something more then just a Template, but not quite as pricy as a custom website then you may want to go with a Hybrid Template, where we will customize the template with CSS Code. All of this at you’re reach, Vivid Candi makes it easier for companies across the nation to build they’re online presence. Because at a digital age like this, you simply can’t afford to miss out!


You can call us at 1310-456-1784 or you can inquire online.

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