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      We are Vivid Candi, a full service digital agency. We are located in Los Angeles, but we do business all over the country, including in the Lake Tahoe area! Our team of web designers are fully dedicated to producing clean and simple website that are made to be easier for the people surfing the web to go around the site, and also for the search engines, which is ESSENTIAL for ranking well on the search engine results, which is absolutely necessary if you plan to be found on the internet. But thats something else that we will have to get into another time, if you would like to read more about SEO we encourage you to read our blogs regarding search engine optimization.

Our team of web designers can offer you a variety of options when it comes to you’re website. Whether you demand a high quality custom CSS site, which would require a number of hours in order to accomplish, or an affordable Template website to start with, or if you need something in between, like a hybrid custom template. A HIPAA Compliant website, which not allot of digital agencies do, or an E-Commerce site. Whatever it is that you need, our team of talented web developers get down to business. The way we do business ensures the full on satisfaction of the customer. We try to do things in an organized manner. First we set up a meeting to discuss anything there is to cover regarding you’re website. After we have covered everything you expect to be on you’re site, we create a google doc where we will list the things that we need our team to create, or place in you’re site. Once we have reached a point where you’re website is presentable we contact you to discuss whether the site is ready to launch, or what needs to be changed. We continue on with this project until you feel that you’re site is ready to launch. If you feel that our services are of benefit to you, you’re business, or organization, then we encourage you to give us a call, or simply inquire online!

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