What is Digital Marketing?

Many hear the term digital marketing, but don’t have a clear definition of what digital marketing is. At Vivid Candi, a top notch pioneering digital agency in Los Angeles– we define digital marketing as a campaign that is purely digital in nature (in other words– no print). Why digital marketing? For starters, digital marketing is a growing trend spreading like wildfire– as technology advances, digital marketing takes over and can make or break any business. Not to mention, digital marketing is fully accountable and trackable… you get the best demographic date you could ever dream of off digital marketing such as conversion tracking where you can find out exactly what click created what lead that day and what device they were on and where they were located. It’s truly amazing the power of digital marketing. It’s a numbers game and science at the end of the day. If you have the budget, you can make very predictable projections come alive as long as you understand how everything works and what the standard conversion rates, aquisition rates, cpc and so on are. Too much for you, no worries… contact Vivid Candi today to discuss your digital marketing. We can help you with any digital marketing from start to finish.

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