new york web designer

As a top digital agency and web developer, we have to ask… where’s this all going? Web technology has grown more and more rapidly each year… we’d say it’s growing at a rate of 10 years per 1 year for the last several years. With the invention of the Wordpress platform, things have really boomed and exploded the last 5 years. Now where will all this be in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? No one can say for sure, but being savvy web designers doing this for the last 15+ years we have some ideas… In 5 years, one theory of the future is Wordpress will combine with Apps… imagine if you can make your own apps using the easy to use Wordpress Dashboard and plugin architecture. Anything is possible and we see the app and web world merging together sooner than later. In 10 years, there might not be computer screens. Yes, this is not a joke— holographic technology is growing in the shadows as we speak. We all saw the first big introduction of Tupac rising from the dead using Holographic technology in 2012. Now imagine apps and websites and how they fit into this technology 10 years from now. It’s very possible those worlds will meet and you’ll need a visionary web designer like us that will push the limits on what’s possible and take your business to the next level digitally. In 15 years, we can only imagine… it will be a world of your app slash website following you wherever you are in your car, your eye glasses,. your holograms and hell anything with a glass surface– yes MINORITY REPORT (the movie) type technology is coming. It’s already out and working, just not mainstream and affordable yet.

When you’re ready to dive into these new technologies, talk to our digital agency. We’re planning on 15 years from now RIGHT NOW.