how to become an influencer

Many individuals aspire to become an instagram influencer. They yearn to rack in money with every post and monetarily flourish in constant brand deals; However, these individuals may not know where to begin. With over 800 million users, Instagram is a massive platform that can catapult one’s personal brand to the next level. Luckily, anyone has a shot at monetizing their instagram page and exponentially growing their following with just a handful of simple tips and tricks. Attaining Instagram growth is not rocket science. If you have a burning passion to up your social media game, read on.

Find your Passion

To become an Instagram influencer, one must first choose a topic that he or she has a great amount of knowledge about. For example, if you are passionate about health and fitness, it would be only fitting to dedicate your page to healthy eating, workout plans, or sustainable living. If you are a total foodie, then look no further and design a cooking or restaurant rating page! The public wants to follow other users that are undeniably themselves and live out their brand.

Use a Strategic Lay Out Plan

The next step is to take and edit photos that are aesthetically appealing for users to view. Each photo should be “Instagram-worthy.” This means that content must be relevant, clear, tasteful and high quality. Not only should individual photos be enticing, but pictures need to contribute to the overall theme of the page. Several apps and websites, such as UNUM, can help you lay out your photos on a grid to determine what to post and when. There are also many established Instagram accounts the you can pull inspiration from for your own account.

Be Consistent

Something that all Instagram influencers abide by is posting content on a consistent basis. To choose the best time to post your photo, video, or highlight story, you can turn your Instagram profile settings to “business” to view your target analytics. Besides just being able to see the demographics of your audience, the analytics tool shows you what days and what times of day your followers are typically online. During these prime time slots, you should be consistent about the content you are posting. The more you engage with your audience, the more traffic you will accumulate on your page.

Utilize Instagram Stories

To become an Instagram influencer, you have to utilize Instagram stories to your advantage. Snapchat implemented a story feature in 2013 and Instagram jumped on the bandwagon to follow this trend. Instagram stories allow users to post photos and videos that last 24 hours. After the 24 hour limit is reached, users then have the option to add their past stories to their highlights that will appear on their homepage. You can bring traffic to your page by incorporating simple hashtags, tagging external accounts, or adding a location in your Instagram stories. This is a great way to build meaningful online connections, gain visibility, and grab the attention of users who aren’t already following you.

Questionnaires, polls, giveaway contests, clickable links and the swipe-up feature are great examples of ways to engage with your audience via Instagram stories. Getting a viewer to spend time reading what you have to say or partaking in your call to action is ideal. Make sure that the content you post is meaningful, insightful, and relevant in order to boost engagement.

You Can Do It

One does not just wake up an instagram Influencer; Instead, it takes time, effort and consistency to earn that title and to start monetizing an Instagram account. By using these tips and tricks detailed above, you can begin to walk, jog, then run via social media. Remember, patience is key. Do not fall for buying Instagram followers or quick fixes because it will only drive down your engagement and lose potential brand partnerships.

If you truly wish to become an Instagram influencer, you can do it. Now what are you waiting for? Get to posting!