Vivid Candi Case Study

MOD Cold Press Juicers

We dived deep into increasing MOD’s sales through a new website focused on the US market, and paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Amazon.

MOD Appliances is a Melbourne-born and 100% Australian-owned lifestyle brand created by a group of friends and wellness enthusiasts. MOD sells high-quality, easy-to-use appliances that can play an important role in improving diet and general wellbeing. MOD came to Vivid Candi when finding difficulty in selling their award-winning cold press juicers in the United States. They soon found the market and consumers to be extremely different from their target audience in Melbourne.


Key Highlights

Increased sales in the US by 300%

How we did it: With our combined ads strategy on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Amazon we got 74 sales in one month.

Decreased Google Ads cost per conversion by 37% in 3 months

By month 3 our Google Ads were converting at the lowest cost ever in the US — went from $154.62/sale to $98.28/sale

Increased Amazon sales by 2400%

How we did it: We added MOD Juicers to Amazon, optimized them for the best performance, and ran ads getting an average of 24 sales per month.

Decreased Facebook’s cost per conversion by 78%

On mother’s day, we launched a Facebook Ad campaign with the lowest cost-per-result yet, generating 12 juice sales @$107.50 CPA, previously MOD was spending $200-$500 per conversion. Our Mother’s Day Ad brought in all the sales, compared to the AUS creative provided for us by their team

Services Provided

Website Design

Google Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Amazon Ads

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