Out of all of the SEO Companies in San Diego, we definitely stand as one of you’re best options. 

       We are Vivid Candi, a Los Angeles based full service digital agency. When we say full service, we mean FULL SERVICE. Whether the services you need are Web Development, Graphic Design, App Development, Digital Marketing, or Video Production.

     Search Engine Optimization is no easy task, especially with all of these new google updates, they are making the search engines smarter, which means tat manipulating them wont be as easy as it used to be. Now content is KING, along with you’re domain authority. Now you can’t go out and buy a bunch of links online, that will most likely hurt you’re site now, because search engines will see those links as non reputable since you bought them online, and they most likely aren’t from reputable sources. Think of it like this. You could have 100,000 links pointing to you’re site, but as long as the sites that those links are coming from aren’t as relevant to you’re site, and it wont do a thing at all! Contrary! If anything those irrelevant links can even hurt you’re site! Or you could have less then 50 good, reputable links, coming from sites that are of good stature. THOSE are the links that will truly help you’re site in ranking well on search engines. We keep all of this in mind when optimizing you’re site for search engines. We also stay on to of any updates, that way we will be ready for what the future holds. If our services sound that they may be of benefit to you’re business or organization, then be sure to either call us when we are open, or simply inquire us online!

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