If you haven’t had a client in more then 2 months theres no question to it.. you need to hire to professionals!

Hello Seattle. If you are experiencing problems with the way you get clients, and feel that you may be heading towards going out of business, do not worry. There is a way out of everything! We are Vivid Candi, and we will dig you out of that hole you’ve been trying to get out of for so long. Not only will we dig you out of that hole, but we will construct a tower above it! You will be receiving new customers every day!  You will look back at those days when you worried about getting more customers and laugh, and wonder why you didn’t contact us sooner! And if you’re website needs more work done we can help with that! Within 1-2 months of hiring our SEO Experts you will notice your sites traffic coming up, and watch as day by day new clients walk through your door begging for your services.

You can count on us to do any of the following;

  • Web/ Graphic Design
  • Make you an App
  • Film a video for you’re website, or any other purposes
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Social Media Managing

When you choose to work with Vivid Candi, you are opening doors you never thought would be possible to be opened. You will be on your way to becoming a sophisticated and successful company.


If you pick up that phone and contact us, you need to be ready for change. A positive change. Contact us today for any business inquiries.

1310 456 1784