Why your business website should have a blog page.

Why Blog? Here are two main reasons: (1) blogging gives your business a voice and (2) blogging brings in site traffic. Blogging is a great way to get a buzz going about your business and for visitors to identify and connect with you or your team through content and comments. By blogging, you will help bring more visitors […]

What Is Blogging

What is blogging ? Blogging is creating entries or posts which are published on the world wide web.

Making A Blog

Making a blog can be a valuable commodity for your website.

Best Blog Sites

The best blog sites are not necessary the sites with interesting content.

Start A Blog

Start a blog and help improve your SEO. Hiring a digital agency to create a Wordpress blog or to write tedious blog entries is a safe way to ensure that your getting the value out of your blogs.

Blogging Tips

Vivid Candi is a top notch digital agency that knows all the important blogging tips.