Advertising firms today have evolved and shifted to a digital marketing and technological world. The era of “Mad Men” is  long gone. Advertising firms used to focus on TV, radio, and print messages, but today, social media, digital media, and technology took over.

The focus of advertising firms has shifted. In today’s world, brands need people more than people need brands. With the help of technological and digital innovations, brands are able to deliver real benefits at real times to their target audiences. Successful advertising firms are able to take advantage of this technology, use it the right way. A way that is not only real, but also meaningful and unique. It helps change the way people view the brand, making people stop for a moment and appreciate what’s in-front of them.

In today’s advertising firms, the agency-client relationship has also shifted. The days in which companies threw everything at an agency and expected the agency to come back with a final result, are gone. Today, clients want to be involved and want to be part of this final result. Advertising firms and clients work together to obtain a successful end product. Advertising firms are also more open about the process, allowing clients to have a bigger and stronger opinion.

Advertising firms are nothing without the clients, as well as a client is nothing without the help of an advertising firm. In order to succeed in these, they have to be engaged with each other.

Here are some tips on how to generate better engagement between the advertising firms and clients:

#1 Be clear about requirements of the campaign

#2 Be open to opinion, thoughts, and advice

#3 Be able to understand the difference between wanting something done and getting a high quality result

#4 Everything communicates. Everything.

#5 Establish trust and confidence immediately

#6 Pay attention to ALL details

With everyone absorbed in their smart phones, tablets, and computers, digital advertising is here to stay. Advertising firms have to understand the importance of technology in order to be successful.

Advertising firms have to make campaigns shareable. No matter what, its important to think about the impact it will create on people. Will the audience love so much they will “share” it or “like” it. Will they spread the word and help make it go viral? A good digital campaign NEEDS the content to be shared. Without this, the work won’t be as meaningful.

A digital campaign is all about thinking outside the digital box. Generate content, such as videos, photos, online advertisements, that capture people’s attention in one second. This cannot be done without analytics. In digital advertising firms, analytics is key. Its essential to monitor all the digital campaigns closely, and be ready to act instantly.

Advertising firms have a great future ahead. By taking advantage of all the technology and by being unique and innovative, advertising firms will have ultimate success.