Responsive Web Design

responsive web design

It may seem surprising, but today more web traffic comes from mobile devices than desktops or laptops; To be precise, 70-80% of website traffic is mobile on average across industries. With a variety of devices available, from tablets to phones and everything in-between, it is very important that your website is able to work on […]

Top 5 Worst Hosting Companies 2014

As a professional web design agency, we’ve worked hundreds of different hosting companies and have experienced virtually every hosting issue you can imagine after 15 years in business. Based on our experience with different website hosting services, here’s our list of top 5 worst hosting companies and why we think their website hosting is terrible. […]

Canada Web Design

IF YOU HAVENT HEARD OF US ALREADY DONT FEEL BAD We are Vivid Candi. A digital agency with numerous offices through out the U.S including some in Canada! We offer professional web design services, S.E.O services, Custom CSS website production, Hardcoded Websites, E-Commerce websites, affordable Template websites, professional blogging, Social Media Managing, HIPAA Compliant websites, and much more […]

Denver Web Design

SEARCHING FOR SOMEONE THAT CONSIDERS WEB DESIGN THEIR PASSION?  If that is what your looking for, your in luck!      Hello, we are Vivid Candi. A digital agency that does business across the U.S including in Denver. We take what we do very seriously, but at the same time find the most creative ways to get the […]

Canadian Web Designer

A TALENTED, ARTISTIC, AND UNIQUE WEB DESIGNER ISNT AN EASY FIND So you gotta ask yourself…. how is it that you were able to find us so fast? Vivid Candi. A digital agency with vast amount of offices through out the U.S including some in Canada, plus they offer professional web design services and much more to top […]

Web Design Companies Los Angeles

los angeles web design companies

There are many web design companies in Los Angeles (LA) to choose from. The question is how to do you choose the right web design company in Los Angeles? Here are some tips and things to look for and consider when trying to select a web design company in Los Angeles (LA): Make sure all […]

Web Design LA

Los Angeles

Vivid Candi is a local LA web design agency that has professionally built websites for over 15 years and for thousands of web design clients. We have developed professional website design for almost every category of business from small business to national brands to celebrities and more. We are very experience in LA web design […]

Website Cost & Tips

website cost

Anyone thinking of designing a website or launching a website asks one important question first…. HOW MUCH WILL A WEBSITE COST ME? When asking about website costs, there are many variables and tips that determine the price and cost of any website you design. You can always go with many of the free website builders […]

Free Tips for Marketing a Small Business in 2014

digital marketing

In 2014, marketing for a small business is everything. Marketing is not something that can be ignored and it’s the best way of generating new business for a small business. As a leading digital agency headquartered in Los Angeles, California we have helped small businesses of every size and kind with their marketing. Based on […]

Top 2014 Web Design Technologies

web design 2014

It’s 2014 and the web is growing and evolving rapidly at the speed of almost 10 years per year! It’s a full time job just to keep up with web technology in 2014. Our Los Angeles based digital agency is constantly seeking out and learning and experimenting with new technologies. Here’s a list of top […]