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If you are encountering the same problem that many businesses today are encountering, you are having trouble being found online. Now there are a number of things that you can do as a business owner. What many people do to just get it over with is just hire the first SEO agency that pops up… But what they don’t understand, is the importance of SEO in 2014! We live in a new age where if done right, you can expand you’re business to an international level with SEO! This is why you need to choose the right agency!


           There are many SEO Companies in Miami to choose from, but if you want the uttermost effective results, then you’re gonna have to go with something better then average. For example, you can come to Vivid Candi, we open our doors for you, and many other businesses in the need of our services. We will help increase you’re sites domain authority, and the reason that we focus on this so much, is because if you have enough reputable links pointing to you’re site, and a high domain authority, the chances of ranking well on search engine results automatically are higher! The reason that search engines work this way, is to make it easier for people to find whatever it is that they are looking for. They basically look at you’re site and see if its relevant to the keyword a person might be searching for, and then look at you’re domain authority, there the search engine will decide wether you’re site will be at the top of the results page, or if it’s gonna be far from the top, which is NOT what you want if you are trying to increase you’re online presence, that will basically make you’re site transparent, and it will be hard to find. What YOU want for you’re business is to BOOST you’re sites traffic, and domain authority, and the way that we will achieve this is by having our team fully optimize you’re site, making it easier for search engines, and people to navigate through you’re site. Then we get rid of any expired links if there are any. After we have completed the basic first steps, we start creating content for you’re blog which is ideal for avoiding search engines to consider you’re site from going stale. While we create content for you’re blog, we increase you’re social media presence, the reason why we pay so much attention to social media is because social media is a GREAT way to increase you’re domain authority, because it is such an easy way to get links pointing back to you’re site with all of these sharing options. It is important to understand that SEO is NOT a 1 time and thats it service. SEO is like a plant, you have to keep watering it, and be patient with it. We also stay on top of any google algorithm updates to ensure that we are up to date with everything.

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